Vejle Municipality have a close collaboration with SSP Vejle, which is a public institution under the Child and Youth Division of the Municipality. SSP Vejle is, among others, in charge of informing parents about cyberbullying and the digital education of children. They are also tasked to resolve cyberbullying issues among children and young people. SSP is an acronym for School, Social services and Police and this unit exists in all municipalities of Denmark.

SSP Vejle attended the FACE project’s training of youth workers in Czech Republic. The training targeted youth workers in the age of 18-30 years. The workers from SSP Vejle did not match this target group, but they were permitted to attend the training, since SSP is the main authority tackling cyberbullying among young people in Denmark. SSP Vejle is a crime preventive unit that, unlike many of the other training participants, has many years of experience with cyberbullying. The representatives from SSP Vejle still found that many of the youth workers were skilled and knew a lot about the topic despite their young age and inexperience.

Vejle Municipality and SSP Vejle are looking forward to implement the tools and strategies from the training in their work with youth clubs in Vejle. #letsfaceup