On Tuesday 11 February 2020 we celebrated the 17th edition of the Safer Internet Day (SID), with two Flash Mobs, one during our first Art Strategy FACE lesson in the San Paolo School (Genoa) and the other in a dance school in our neighborhood in Genoa.
With the theme “Together for a better Internet”, we invited all stakeholders, parents and teachers to come together to make the Internet a safer and better place for everyone, especially for children and young people.
We have explained the different types of Cyberbullying to the boys and given them paper made padlocks where they wrote a way to prevent, counter or defend themselves, then we have given thumb-shaped post-it to write what they like most about the Net.
Then we simulated a net with a woolen thread that binds each one of us and where each one could hang the different written information on the padlocks and on the pos-tit, personal comments, expectations and fears. This network has served to raise awareness of the diversity of opinions we find in the network and the respect we have to give to the comments of others.

Many thanks to Art and Technology Teachers.