1. Develop a new methodology and pedagogy to prevent cyberbullying, based on innovative artistic practices such as drama practice, filmmaking, visual and street arts
2. Promote the development of civic competences and the respect of human rights amongst youth workers, teens and children, with an emphasis on those at risk of social exclusion
3. Develop an international network of organizations, schools, and youth workers that would like to combat discrimination and bullying
4. Design an online platform to share materials, experiences and contacts of people working in the field of prevention of cyberbullying
5. Foster autonomy, active citizenship, self-confidence, sense of community and critical thinking amongst teens and children, through an awareness raising process that will encourage them to create their own vademecum about cyberbullying.
6. Disseminate the results of the project, good practices to inspire education institutions and organisations
7. Provide parents with knowledge and tools to promote the good use of social media amongst children
8. Develop recommendations to tackle cyberbullying issues addressed to local authorities and other stakeholders