MDIG is a non-profit organization which unlocks the power of media to lessen conflict, advance human rights and support deeper public understanding of social diversity. It promotes responsible media as a means of improving inter-community relations, increasing inclusion and encouraging dialogue between individuals and groups from different backgrounds.

MDIG is a new organisation but thanks to its members which have long-time experience in the field of diversity and the media, it is able to work with media decision-makers and journalists, media academics and journalism students as well as CSOs advocating for inclusion and representing marginalized groups. The main current focus of the MDIG is on Media Information Literacy, hate speech, Countering Violent Extremism, reporting on far-right – all related to marginalised communities who often happen to be the target of irresponsible media. MDIG’s focus is primarily, but not exclusively, on Millenials.

Chaussée de Tervuren 34
1040 Brussels – Belgium