The Moroccan Space of Social, Solidarity and Environmental Economy (EMESSE) aims to gather actors in the national social, solidarity and environmental economy. It also gathers associations, cooperation, company’s foundations of ESS, mutual societies, universities, employers’ unions in the social economic as well as networks of economic solidarities and local development syndicates.

The EMESSE is composed of 12 ESSE Regional Spaces, covering national territories. EMESSE’s objectives are, among others, to implement projects to develop economic and environmental social dimensions, to improve the social and economic conditions of vulnerable populations through income-generating activities and support from cooperates, social and self-companies, promote and develop the role of women, work alongside with partners for the promotion of democracy and consolidation of law through education and training, advocate possibilities for young people, whose socio-economic ease is not guaranteed, and exercise their citizenship in an active and dynamic way, offer vulnerable young people a future through projects that improve their self-confidence, insertion profile and personal status, allow mixed audiences and encourage meeting other young people, to promote values of the social, solidarity and environmental economy, to encourage scientific research and partnership with universities and great high schools, and to participate in humanitarian actions regarding cyber intimidation.

The EMESSE formed a consortium which is composed of the Moroccan Space of Social, Solidarity and Environmental Economy (EMESSE), the Faculty of Education (ESF) from Mohammed V University of RABAT, the Regional Association of Economic and Social Development (ARDES), the Moroccan Coalition of Young Researchers for Territorial Development, associations Girls Matter Morocco, and Young SOS Children’s Villages Morocco.

The EMESSE consists of 12 board members, who are volunteers, 14 volunteers, 4 permanent employees; 46 people resources in all areas.

Phone: +212 670-741915