The FACE project has developed guidelines and innovative methodologies to tackle the emerging phenomenon cyberbullying. One product developed is the handbook, “Combatting Cyber Bullying Among Children: Guidelines for Parents,” which provides parents with guidelines and advice on how to guide their children on the use of the internet and social media to protect their children from cyberbullying.
The first part of the handbook gives parents general information about cyberbullying, relevant legislation, preventive measures and good online behaviour, while the other part provides specific examples, guidelines and advice on how to deal with young people who have been offended online or have offended others. The handbook also contains a list of contact information on associations, organisations and NGOs raising awareness or working directly with young people in cyberbullying situations.
The handbook for parents has been developed and recently finalized by the project consortium, whose expertise and experience provided the basis of the guidebook. The handbook will be presented to parents at a training session where they will be introduced to the guidelines and content.