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SID2020 FashMob

On Tuesday 11 February 2020 we celebrated the 17th edition of the Safer Internet Day (SID), with two Flash Mobs, one during our first Art Strategy FACE lesson in the San Paolo School (Genoa) and the other in a dance school in our neighborhood in Genoa.With the theme “Together for a better Internet”, we invited […]

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Italian YW Testimonials

From 25 November 2019 to 30 November 2019 I attended in the FACE Project’s Training for youth workers at Malenovice, Prague.After getting to know the other participants through recreational activities, we focused on the main aspects of Cyberbullying.Each day was organized based on a specific topic (key concepts of cyberbullying, parenting, self-control, drama, film making, […]

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French youth worker experience

The training for youth workers took place two months ago. Youth workers went back to their home countries and are now preparing the program they will implement with their group of students in the following months. This program will integrate the materials and the techniques youth workers learned during the training. This latter was thus […]

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Online Pubblications

This e-handbook, targeted to parents of children who may be facing cyberbullying situations, will be based on previous experiences of the partners involved in the project. Parents will be able to learn about cyberbullying and to understand how to tackle situations in which children are exposed to it. The e-handbook will address methods to raise […]

In the framework of the FACE project, a post-school program will be implemented in 2020, for teens aged from 10 to 17 years old, in all the countries of the consortium. The teens will develop their own projects addressing cyberbullying, using the FACE Art strategies (theatre, drama, filmmaking). Each group of teens (18 groups in […]

FACE ART Strategies Handbook: this e-handbook, targeted to youth workers, provides guidelines and strategies to prevent cyberbullying by using the FACE methodologies. These innovative and artistic methodologies include filmmaking, drama, visual & street arts. Youth workers who will use the handbook which will act as multipliers of those methodologies amongst teens, pupils and within their […]

Recommendations for local authorities: with the aim of raising awareness on cyberbullying amongst local authorities and policymakers, partners involved in the FACE project will develop recommendations for leaders at both local and European level to ensure that cyber abuse is clearly defined and addressed with proportionate legal consequences. This document will be will be available […]


Project partners

EMESSE – The Moroccan Space of Social, Solidarity and Environmental Economy – MOROCCO

Vejle Municipality – DENMARK

SOS Malta – Solidarity and overseas service Malta – MALTA

INFODEF – Institute for the promotion of Development and Training SL VALLADOLID – SPAIN

MDIG – Media Diversity Institute Global – BELGIUM

KITEV – Kultur im Turm – GERMANY


Cittadini Digitali

ALDA – The European Association for Local Democracy – FRANCE